About This Blog: What is Integral Theory, and What Does It Have to Say to AA?

AA, or Alcoholics Anonymous, has saved many, many lives. Yet for every individual helped into a rich new life of conscious sobriety, many more turn away, even after a single visit “in these rooms.” The typical response to those that turn away is that “they weren’t ready for sobriety.” I challenge that.

Yes, of course, many who come in contact with AA (and other, sister 12-step organizations) are indeed not yet ready to commit to deep-level transformation.

And yes, many of those who do stay, and work their program fully, find new freedom in sober living. But in order to continue make such a positive difference, and to even expand AA’s life-saving impact to an even greater, global audience, it needs to continue to evolve.

The 21st century holds special challenges for AA. Will it mature to meet those challenges? Multiculturalism and ethnic diversity, rapidly transforming roles for both men and women, contemporary forms of spirituality more and more supplanting traditional religion, especially for the younger generations: these and other monumental shifts in society invite, even demand, new perspectives if AA is to stay not only relevant, but on the cutting edge of recovery from alcoholism and other addictions.

This forum then is intended to invite in such diverse and open-minded perspectives. This blog’s title derives from integral theory, as pioneered by contemporary American thinker and proactive change agent, Ken Wilber. We wish here to examine how Wilber’s integrally informed approach (a “theory of everything”) might both expand the scope and deepen the reach of AA for greater and greater audiences…yes, right on through the 21st century.

Thank you for joining the dialogue!

Dr. Bob Weathers

dr-bob-weathers for blogsite 8-13

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